Thank you for visiting our site. We are pleased to offer you our unique steel truss building system manufactured in central North Carolina. What makes our product unique from our competitors is that it is an engineered product made with 100% USA steel. It comes rated for a combined live and dead load of 32lbs./sf and a 100 mph wind load.   However, we can customize them to meet any wind or snow load requirements for anywhere in the lower 48 states.   The most traditional use of this product, the most common use is your traditional pole barn or pole shed, often referred to as a post frame shed, canopy or roof structure.   It is a very simple product to construct. First you Auger your holes, you can use a Bobcat with an auger bit or
you can use your more traditional tools like a gas powered auger or a post hole digger. Then you set your posts and attach your trusses. It is a very simple bolt on assembly.   All bolts come included, they bolt together in the center so they can be transported as half trusses or even 4 piece trusses if necessary, for shipping.  Next you attach your purlins.  Typically we use 2×6 dimensional lumber which slide conveniently into our pre-attached purlin clips. Once again, it’s very simple, just lay them in and attach them with either screws or nails. The screw holes are pre-drilled in the clips.  After assembly, you can either pour a concrete slab or just leave a gravel or dirt floor. You can also attach the posts to an existing slab using our Forever Column Dryset Steel Post anchors or use our Forever Column Wetset Steel Post anchors and pour your slab or footings prior to assembly.  These buildings are extremely versatile. The can be left as an open shelter or a completely enclosed building.   With clear span widths up to 80’ the possibilities are endless with applications such as, Pole Barn, Hay storage, Chicken houses, Equestrian stall barn, Horse riding arena, picnic pavilion,
equipment shed, RV Storage, Workshop or even a raised center aisle Kentucky Barn.  Our Lean-to shed trusses make it a very simple process to add additional space to existing buildings.  Once again, thank you for visiting our site, we will be happy to answer any questions.  Custom orders don’t upset us, so feel free to contact us at 704-489-8200 or