Why use steel trusses?

Why use steel Trusses? There are numerous advantages to using steel trusses instead of traditional wood trusses but the main reasons are simplicity and strength. Theses trusses are extremely simple to install. There are literally three parts to deal with: posts, trusses, and 2×6’s. Then you screw down your roofing metal. That’s it, very very simple. Out trusses are assembled with basic hand tools and you never have to worry about them rotting or deteriorating from the weather. You also get more usable space inside your building.


Wood trusses are less expensive truss per truss but they require you to install wood headers, the posts have to be closer together and you have more trusses to install. You generally have to close in the gable ends as well to ¬†protect the wood from the weather. When all the extra time and materials are considered, there is very little cost difference between building with steel trusses and building with wood trusses. It’s just a matter of which product you would rather own.



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